I started HeyEater to be able to share my love and passion for cooking and good food with you. My aim is to have a special bond with my readers as we discover the world of good food together. I hope to be as creative as possible while sharing my thoughts with you on how to be productive in the kitchen. From my simple recipes to my favourite restaurants, I’d love for you to follow me on this amazing food journey which will bring me closer to achieving my dream of being a world class chef.


I always get the question “how did you learn how to cook?” honestly, I don’t know. It is something I have always done and never seemed to struggle with. I am not the best I can be but I do believe it comes naturally to me which is why I find it easy to learn new recipes and ideas.

I never really thought that this was what I would be chasing a career in but nothing makes me happier than having the opportunity to do something I am the most passionate about. Floating between Lagos and London, I gain inspiration through studying the food culture in both places to find a balance. My plans and ideas continue to grow each day for HeyEater and I am so excited to share my journey with you!

Thank you for visiting!

Didun Hassan – Odukale