My newfound love for seafood should explain my recent posts. As much as I like to try different things, I also try to find different recipes and ways to create dishes with what I love to eat at that moment. I do this so I can make a certain type of food in different ways.

So for this post, I’d be sharing a nice curry, it is a very simple dish to make but it’s one of those dishes that can easily go very wrong. Although very easy, you must be careful to follow the method to ensure the taste and texture of the curry come out right, as this is very important. I hope you all try out this recipe, it was extremely tasty. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed it.






Photos by : Olatoun  Okunnu Photography


1 tbs vegetable oil

200g Thai red curry paste

350g large raw, peeled prawns

400ml can light coconut milk

Juice of 1 lime

Lemon juice

1-2 tbsp Thai fish sauce

freshly torn coriander

either a mixture of salmon, sea bass fillet or monkfish fillet

A half of one red, green and yellow bell pepper

1 red chilli pepper

1 green chilli pepper

Diced cucumbers


1.     Heat oil in a large non-stick pan or wok. Season your seafood with some salt, black pepper and lemon juice. Carefully add your fish and prawns and stir well until half way cooked, remove from pan and set aside,

2.     Heat more oil in pan and add the curry paste, coconut milk, lime juice and fish sauce. Add the fish and prawns and stir well to coat in the curry paste.

3.     Add in all your veg (peppers, chilli peppers and cucumber) and then stir all your ingredients together and bring just to the boil


4.     Stir in the coriander then check the seasoning, adding salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Serve with plain boiled or coconut rice and garnish with ground coriander.

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