Last weekend I visited The Maltby Street Market: Ropewalk, and it was a great experience! I would suggest if you live in or ever visit London that you visit this food market.

It is opened on Saturdays from 9am – 2pm and Sundays from 11am – 4pm. It is located at 41 Maltby Street in London, not too far from London Bridge station. I was very impressed with the great quality of food and how they managed to keep it going for six or more hours with the limited space they had in their stalls. It is a great day out and you get to taste a lot of different things. And guess what? They have something for everyone!I went with my brother and a few of his friends who had already been a few times but this was my first time, so you guessed right, I was more than excited!

I decided, I’ll try and visit as many of the stalls as possible but it was a lot of food and there was no way I could taste it all! So you know I am visiting there again.So let me start with the stalls that I tried the food they were selling. With the others; I just took pictures and had a short conversation with the people at the stall about what they had to serve. The staff were all very kind and allowed me to take pictures! They were happy I was going to be posting about them on my blog and I hope they are pleased when they read this.In my very honest opinion I think all the food was great!

 My brother started with this, what looked to be amazing spicy Bloody Mary topped with horseradish from the Little Bird Gin pop up bar! Although I didn’t taste it myself, he seemed to be very pleased with it and almost everyone at the market could be seen carrying a drink from there! Amazing way to start your relaxing weekend!

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Next, we walked over to The Woolpack, surprisingly; the queue wasn’t as long as it usually is (my brother said), at the time we went. Without a shadow of doubt, they served one of the best burgers I have ever had. I think people tend to focus more on the look of the burger nowadays compared to the actual quality of the beef. The quality of the meat and the bun was of a standard I had never tasted before. It was cooked to perfection and was well worth the price for me. The burger was a very good size, not too big.

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My brother then tried the Scottish salmon from Hansen & Lydersen. I loved the layout of their food here and thought it looked great even if I didn’t try any myself. They have been known to have the best-smoked salmon available in London!

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After a break of talking and laughing with friends, one of my brothers friends decided he wanted a non alcoholic drink so we decided to go to Frida + Cecily who do fresh healthy juices, detox drinks etc. He had the hot-spiced apple juice and I tried the splash of sunshine, which had clementines, oranges and ginger. It was a very refreshing drink, healthy and tasted great! Others on their menu included the Kale Cocktail and Detox Delight.

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Lastly I went to one of the most exciting stalls in market, WaffleOn.

WaffleOn make fresh waffles right in front of you and have various options for you to choose from! The waffle I had tasted great and I think this one is quite popular in the market! You should definitely try the waffles! You wont be disappointed!

Check their website out –



This was a very fun day out for me and I will definitely be visiting the market again. I loved every moment and it was a great experience especially for me as I was trying to gain more knowledge about the food industry!

If you are worried about the cold weather, fear not, the market had sitting area inside!!!

On our way out I managed to walk past the Brambletye Fruit Farm which had a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as freshly baked bread and various other things, their products looked like they were of great quality and if you want anything to cook at home you should definitely visit this one! I didn’t get anything this time around but you can bet I’d be re-visiting and picking some fresh fruits and freshly baked bread.



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I hope you all get the chance to go! Enjoy!

Photos by : Didun Odukale



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