DSC_4284Being home in Nigeria for the holidays, I decided I was going to focus on using ingredients that I could find here easily. This is because, I have had a few readers ask me for substitutes for some of the ingredients I use whilst in London as they are unavailable in Nigeria. So whilst here, I only used ingredients that I could find easily at any local supermarket without going out of my way to get overly priced imported ingredients.You can really make tasty food with very simple ingredients, especially if you are good at putting things together. I usually prefer to keep to a well written recipe but a couple of times I have found myself trying things out, I guess tapping into the creativity in me. This doesn’t work all the time but it is always worth the try. I believe no experience is wasted if you learn from it so this is a good way to come up with some unique cooking ideas! This was a recipe I created myself although I wasn’t sure if it would work, I am pleased to find it did and I am glad to share it with you. As usual an extremely simple recipe to follow, it’d be a great recipe to serve at parties or other occasions.




Photos by: Didun Odukale


3-4 fillets of croaker fish

About a kilo of sweet potatoes

1-2 tbs of fish seasoning

Lemon juice

Salt and black pepper to taste

1 red and orange bell pepper

A handful of fresh parsley leaves

Olive oil


1.     Season the fish fillets with salt, black pepper and fish seasoning.

2.     Dab your fish with some lemon juice and then cover with cling film. Leave to rest for 10 minutes.


3.     Peel and rinse the potatoes and then cut them into cube shapes, season with salt and black pepper.

4.     Dice the peppers carefully; small enough to fit on to a cube sized shaped potato, put to the side.

5.     Using a deep fryer, fry your sweet potatoes, alternatively you could deep-fry them using a regular pan; make sure you have enough oil in the pan if you use this method. While it’s cooking:

Using a non-stick fry pan, add a bit of olive oil and fry your fish. Let it cook    for 5 minutes on each side or until fully cooked. When it’s ready, shred your fish pieces carefully, as if you were making a stir-fry, be very careful not to make the pieces too small. Add in the peppers and fry the mixture together for another 2 minutes on low heat.  When everything is ready:


Using cocktail sticks, assemble some fish on to one sweet potato and make sure it fits properly without falling off, hold it together with a cocktail stick. Add some of your pepper mixture on to each sweet potato

Serve immediately

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